Growing pains of valerian in China
Growing  pains  of  valerian  in  ChinaWith  the  continuous  development  of  society  and  the  accelerated  pace...

Guizhou miao medicine biological technology limited company was established in June 2008, Einar  invested in Jiangkou County Tongren City Guizhou province , specializing in Guizhou characteristics of medicinal plants, Chinese herbal medicines seed breeding base construction, plant extract active ingredients and health food production and manufacturing of high tech private enterprises. Since the establishment of the company, a number of   honor  were awarded :the " Guizhou Provincial Intellectual Property pilot unit", " Guizhou Province, the contract and keeping promises units ", " Tongren city of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises ", and adopted the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Companies in Guizhou in many city, county established a Blumea balsamifera, valerian, Litsea cubeba, Evodia, Magnolia, planting base of 16000 mu; and in the county of Cade featured industrial parks built covers an area of 26680 square meters of the plant extracts plant and health care food processing plants, processing capacity of ultra-million tons of Chinese herbal medicines.

The company's main products are : the movie ( NATURAL of borneol ), blumea oil, Blumea balsamifera flavone, valerian oil, valerian extract, Ampelopsis grossedentata extract (two hydrogen myricetin ), magnolia bark extract, rosemary, rosemary oil, Cang seed oil, Chuanxiong oil, angelica oil, ginger oil, coral health tea and other products with high added value.

The integration of Guizhou ethnic medicine resources, mining Guizhou ethnic medicine treasure, the promotion of national medicine, bigger and stronger national medicine industry, for the cause of human health and struggle is our responsibility. The company spirit of "focus, professional, Thanksgiving" business philosophy, to " do the right thing, do the thing, event " principle, sincerely hope that with the domestic and foreign counterparts to join hands, and jointly maintain and develop good with Chinese national characteristics of natural plant extracts!